I tied my own penile frenulum.

17 Sep

Well, so I did it. I tied my own frenulum.
For a few years I wanted to get my frenulum cut, because of not being able to pull my foreskin back to a point where it’s flat without getting a bent head. I as many others despise going to the doctor, especially with something like this, and so I have been thinking a lot about cutting it myself.
After a lot of research, I decided that tying it up was the best option (either if I so did go to the doctor or not). And yesterday, I decided that I would do it today after my parents left for work. I was rather nervous, I didn’t realy think I would do it, but was confident that if my brother could pirce his lip by himself at 14, I could do this. After all, it is a much thinner needle.

So I found a sowing needle, some regular colorless woolen thread, a flashlight, some Ice cubes, and a shot of DryGin. I went to the bathroom and took a deep breth, and went for it. I put the thread through the needle hole and put it in the glass of Gin. I cleaned my penis thurow, and iced down the frenulum. Pointed the flashlight straight at it, got the needle and located a got spot before I pushed hard.
Nothing happened. I did feel the needle beforehand, and even thru it was new from the pack, it was rather dull. I also read beforehand that the frenulum skin is quite strong, but I was not gona turn back now. I put some force on it and got it thru. At this point I was a little shocked that I actually did it, so with a needle in my penis, I took a deep breath. I was also rather supprised that up untill now, there had been no pain.. I then pulled the needle all the way and up till the point there was only one string in the hole, this action burned a little, but still, not worse then eating spicy food.

Now it went up for my what I had done, I pulled the needle of the thread, and though the gentle tugging did not hurt, it did upset me. So I had to lie down for a while. When I got a breath, I just bent my back so that my man would stay frenulum up, and I tied a knot. How tight I was suppose to tie it I was not sure, but I did find a natural stopping point. Looking back, I think I should have gone tighter, but time will tell if it was enough. After tying a second knot I found a pair of sicssors and cut the strings short. I cleaned up everything and got a small bowl that I filled with warm water I put my man in there (I read that this should be done every day for 10-15 minuts untill the string cuts through and falls off).

It’s about an hour later now, and I have no pain at all. They say there will be some pain the first night.. I guess we will see. But let’s sum up with a few tips:
-Sowing needles are dull, but try to find a sharp one.
-The frenulum skin is strong, be prepared.
-Have a glove or a towel to hold the ice cube, you don’t want numb fingers.
-Twist your penis the way that feels the most natural.
-Have enough light.
Also, people say that cutting your frenulum is bloody business. I have never read this about tying it up and can confirm that there was not a single drop of blood to see, and the pain was minimal.
I will report any events along the way up until the point where the string (hopefully) falls off.
-Male 21

116 Responses to “I tied my own penile frenulum.”

  1. Hunter October 24, 2015 at 6:18 am #

    Yo hi man! :) I’m 15 years old and I got it thru my frenulum skin in less than 7 secs no pain but only a little which I wouldn’t consider pain and liked it feels great but when will the string cut my frenulum how long does it take.

  2. Treyy October 27, 2015 at 6:24 am #

    I never intended for my frenulum to be severed at all but in hindsight I do recall it annoying me how my head was like pulled back by the frenulum when the foreskin was pulled back -.-
    But! I digress, the first time I even heard about the frenulum was when, after a particularly vigorous session of sex with my girlfriend I felt a slight stinging and I looked down and noticed the littlest of tears in the flesh of my frenulum
    ….I ignored it for the next few weeks and then it happened again
    now I realised something was up and read up on it and yeh
    decided that I’d just make sure its always clean and just keep going as normal
    a few weeks later it tore again but more intensely this time and at this point I thought to myself either go to the doctor with this or see if thats all its gonna tear and luckily for me that was it! so now I have a separated frenulum as the result of an entirely accidental series of sex based tearings! :’D

  3. John November 26, 2015 at 2:56 am #

    Im 13 should I do this procedure with the needle and thread or should I wait untill Im done puberty. I just want to get rid of it because it’s embarrassing and I don’t want to tell a doctor or my family

    • MarUlberg November 26, 2015 at 5:19 am #

      I would say wait or go to a doctor. Keep in mind that there is also the option to stretch it, if you have a little patience. Im sure you don’t mind pulling on your penis for a few minutes a day. :P Also, don’t be embarrassed to go to the doctor about this. I get it, but if I’ve learned one thing from the reception of this blog it is that this is a common problem.

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